What you could have won

Ok, so there’s no real way around it. It’s been a while. What’s irritating is that I fully intended to write blog posts. Really I did. And now I sit down to write this one, I look through the blog notes section on my phone (because I’m just that organised) and there are all these little snippets of ideas to write about, or ideas for jokes, most of which are now so old that their context is lost on me. However, being the clever weasel that I am I have somewhat overcome this issue. By reading through my notes and combining them with camera photos I believe I can piece together a rough outline of what I could, or intended to have written about in the past couple of weeks. So, here’s what you could have won...

Around a week and a half ago, the evidence suggests that you could have enjoyed a fascinating blog entitled ‘Russian dolls’ on our preoccupation with foods contained inside other foods, no doubt brought to mind by a demo involving a whole brie spread with apricot jam and  baked inside a loaf of brioche, and then making mini chocolate éclairs.



You could also, lucky readers, have been able to read a blog entitled ‘2:1:1’, a delightful ratio based little number, in which I would have written about how instead of learning the ratio of fat to flour to water ratios for pastry as I should have been doing for my theory exam, I went to Springsteen, Neil Young and Killers’ concerts in the aforementioned ratio over a week. I then would have complained about my theory exam for a while. The Springsteen concerts were excellent as usual since you ask.

We also had the possibility of an examination of all the cakes that the rest of the class made in the cake decorating class, although sadly no title came to mind for that, and to be honest, it would have been mostly the pictures below anyway, and very little writing. For the sake of space saving, click the thumbnails for a larger image.


Some of my notes do remain a mystery to me however. Quite how the information assistants at Clapham junction were going to relate to a blog post on food I’m not sure.

Ok, so perhaps looking back, it’s not entirely a bad thing that I haven’t done very well with the blogs recently. Slim pickings.

Petits Fours

And a few of the leftovers...

And some more...

Anyway, moving on, we've covered all sorts at Tante Marie recently, including pasta and an awful lot of sweets and chocolates.More importantly, the budget lunch exam is over (I scored a very surprising 81%, which I was very pleased with) and I have now finished for this term and have until September 18th to fill my time. Luckily I’ve got several things planned, most notably a two week stage at L’enclume (See here) in Cumbria which I am very excited about. And of course, being me, I’ve got another couple of Springsteen concerts lined up. On a substantially less exciting note, I also have a written project to submit for the course when I go back that looks like it’s going to take a few weeks. Suffice it to say, I shall be kept busy.

My budget lunch exam food (with 'bites' missing for marking purposes)

Of course, not so busy that I shall be letting this blog gather dust, hopefully. Given I won’t be at Tante Marie, the plan is to include a bit more writing about general food ‘things’, what I’m cooking at home, and of course my work experience at L’enclume in July and August.