The first supperclub

So after only several months of procrastinating, coming up with excuses and generally avoiding it, I finally held my first supperclub on Saturday.

Lessons were learnt, washing up was generated, stress overflowed all over the floor. But overall I have to say it did seem to go rather well. Perhaps helped by the fact that my guests were friends rather than strangers, so inevitably were more lenient in both their demands and criticism. Except James, the drama queen that he is.

That is not to say it wasn’t a steep learning curve though. Although I had obviously cooked all the dishes on the menu before, I had never done them in sequence, for 8 people, so I didn’t necessarily plan accordingly for some of the challenges (mostly washing up related) that I would run into as I went along.

So I learnt quite a lot from the first attempt. For example, whilst I am generally a big fan of the list (I derive immense pleasure from crossing things off ), it is possible to have too many.

And although I was pleased with how almost every dish turned out, in a domestic setting, cooking on my own, I may need to rein things in slightly with regard to the scope of my ambition at the next event, which should help to both improve the quality and make for a less stressful experience. The intention has always been to do around 4 courses plus an amuse bouche. As the menu below demonstrates however, things got rather out of hand as I kept finding new things I wanted to cook.

The decision to do a fruit soufflé for dessert was particularly naïve as I’ve never found a recipe that I felt carried enough fruit flavour whilst managing to maintain enough body to have a pleasing texture instead of just being ‘eggy’. So the family suffered through two weeks of daily soufflé variations including some less than stellar efforts, but I am pleased to say that it did seem to pay off in the end with all 8 coming out consistently risen and cooked just how I wanted them. The recipe will be accompanying me to my grave.

But overall it was a positive experience and I’m looking forward to getting my next one sorted in a couple of weeks and ironing out some of the kinks. Watch this space.


Also, I realise that after a promise of gardening updates, there have been no gardening updates. I will not lie to you internet. It is cold, and wet, and I do not wish to be cold and wet, hence, limited gardening. That being said, rain cannot stop my radishes taking off.

I have created life. I'm basically God.

I have created life. I'm basically God.

And even this unfathomably small beetroot seedling.

Await further updates.