So what is a supperclub?

A supperclub is where a diner purchases a 'ticket' in advance, and comes to the chef's house (or other location), and eats from a pre-determined menu. Tickets for my supperclubs are currently available through grubclub. Certain allergies can be catered for with prior notice, however I'm afraid that due to the nature of the supperclub, i.e. one chef in a domestic kitchen, it is not possible to adapt the whole menu for vegetarians or vegans. If you do have an allergy, please contact me in advance of booking to check whether your requirements can be catered for.

You can read about a recent supperclub here

The current supperclub menu is below, and tickets for the next events (Friday 24th and 25th June) can be purchased here BUY TICKETS:

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Roasted celeriac, celeriac crisps, hazlenuts, chard and a chicken jus

Scallop, leek, potato and pasta

Roasted chicken breast, shallot purée, butter roasted carrots and asparagus

White chocolate mousse, cranberry curd, rhubarb, thyme

Salted caramel tart, ginger meringues, lime and creme fraiche